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Poetry Corner

This week's poem comes from Epiphany member Kathy Kramer:

There will be bread

On Thursday the new priest

will bring me communion

I haven’t met her yet for I am now

among the Church’s homebound

I worry a little Will my house

be clean enough the beds made

Can I stand long enough

to brew a pot of tea

There are shortbread cookies and

I can put those out on a pretty plate

And some nuts I can pour

into a little bowl Should I snip

the grape stems into sprigs

each with 4 or 5 purple globes

The priest will bring wine of course

a tiny bit poured into a tiny chalice

which she will take with reverence

from the kit she carries on home visits

And there will be bread the small

moon-like wafer that melts on the tongue

How I wish I could offer the bread

I used to bake fragrant and warm

and ask the priest to bless it break it

give it as we are blessed broken

and given to each other to the world

to God which are after all

part of the same thing

Kathy Kramer

March 2023

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